What to expect when starting Therapy

Am I crazy? Am I going to have to lay on a couch? Will it make me depressed? Will I cry? Will I have a panic attack? Will I have to talk about painful things? How long will it take for me to feel better?


Many people are nervous about going to therapy for the first, or second, or thirtieth time. No matter what stage you are in in the process, take a deep breath; you are on your way to a better life! Go you! Remember, feeling nervous is normal, especially when you are doing something new or something that you know will be a challenge. But embracing change is hard! So be kind to yourself.


What can I expect? Well, this really all depends on the therapist you choose. At my office in Altamonte Springs clients can expect a warm, friendly, empathic environment where they can come in, kick off their shoes and sit in whatever way makes them feel most comfortable (even if that means laying on the couch...I have to admit, it is pretty comfy!). The first thing I want my clients to know is that everything you’re experiencing is normal. Let me say that again, everything you’re experiencing is normal. For something to be “abnormal”, it would mean that no human had ever experienced it before, and I can almost guarantee that’s not the case (unless you’re an alien, in which case, I come in peace)


People choose to come to therapy for all sorts of reasons, all are valid and any challenge you face can be conquered with a little help from a therapist.


What you choose to work on in therapy is 100% up to you. You are in the driver’s seat! The great thing about therapy is that it can be a completely different experience for every single person. Just like everyone’s life journey is different, everyone’s therapy experience is different. Therapy is completely customizable to each of our individual challenges. This means that everyone’s number of therapy sessions is different. Some people only need a few sessions and some people continue therapy for years; it all depends on the individual.


Taking the first step can be so exciting! Think about all you have endured to get to this point in your life, you have come a long way! I like to think of therapy like hiking up a hill, it might be a little difficult, but you have a hiking partner (aka your therapist) who is there to give you the tools you need to keep going. I promise the view from the top is worth the hike!

mountain top.jpg